Open Circle. Small World: Rebecca Ackroyd, COBRA and Ken Kagami, Przemek Matecki, Kevin Tobin, Sigrid Viir, Wang Haiyang, Kian McKeown

September 15 - October 9, 2021
Fragment presents the second exhibition of the international gallery-sharing initiative called Open Circle. Each year a new theme is proposed for participating galleries. This time concept of the «Small world" exhibition reflects the modern processes of globalization. Despite those who oppose this phenomenon, the project organizers suggest perceiving the «Small world" tendency in a positive way, where art is becoming more accessible. We often notice common themes among artists living and working in different parts of the world, and this is just one of the inevitable manifestations of contemporary art. But the world is not becoming homogenized, instead, we witness the birth of a new community where everyone is somehow connected by five handshakes.