I hear your keys clinking

June 6, 2021 - June 23, 2022

The main characters of the exhibition are familiar to everyone, often imperceptible things and everyday objects: taken out of their original context and deprived of their former functionality, they acquire a new life in the form of a work of art. Even though artists have practiced the tradition of using utilitarian objects for more than 100 years - from Cubists collages, Russian avant-garde assemblies, Kurt Schviters' columns of garbage, and Duchamp's ready-mades - viewers still find it challenging to perceive and recognize such objects as art. The artists' works presented at the exhibition, whose practice is based on the rethinking of everyday things and objects, are characterized by the versatility of socio-cultural problems, techniques, and expressive means.


Artist: Tenant of Culture, Paul Barsch, Georgia Dickie, Aniara Omann, Iris Touliatou