Date with America: Dagnini, Alexander Shchurenkov

May 8 - August 1, 2021
Dagnini and Alexander Shchurenkov, are presenting at NADA House a project entitled "Date with America" devoted to post-Soviet interpretation of the American Dream. That dream was never a rigid, clearly established construct - its outline and aura were constantly evolving. In the 1950s for example the American Dream was the embodiment of a consumer paradise: stable work, a private house in the suburbs, a large car, a well turned-out wife concentrating exclusively on home-building, a bunch of children and shared suppers at the family table. This image was forever being reproduced in popular films and advertisements. In the 1980s and 1990s the American Dream was "money, success, fame, glamour" and a dramatic rise from rags to riches.