Half Wat Through, 2021, Installation View

Fragment Gallery presents a group exhibition of three international artists: Martina Grlić (Croatia), Sun Woo (South Korea), and Jimmy Beauquesne (France). The title of the exhibition «Half way through» reveals the essence of the artistic practices of the exhibiting artists. They explore the unsteady boundaries of worlds flowing into each other: real and unreal, digital and analog. In the works that artists create, recognizable images lose their usual outlines, are supplemented with fictional elements and become almost surreal. Artists work in traditional techniques, but the viewer does not immediately understand how exactly the work is done, whether it is a painting, drawing or a digital print transferred on canvas or paper.

Photorealistic oil paintings by Croatian artist Martina Grlić are focused on past memories and reflect the changes that have occurred and are still occurring within the post-socialist society. To create her works, she employs many documentary references to the history of Yugoslavia: family photo archives, photographs of specific events, clippings from news reports, and old magazines. By capturing the lost ideology and putting these issues into a new context, Grlić turns to a world that no longer exists, pointing out the problems of modern society.

Korean artist Sun Woo builds her work around fetish imagery and emblematic consumer goods, both real and virtual, such as fashion garments, games, karaoke, or K-Pop. When creating her works, she tries to answer the following questions: of what desires and perhaps flaws of modern-day society does the eagerness to possess these things tell us? What part of ourselves are we trying to fill in by actively consuming them?

Pop culture phenomena and science fiction inspire the artistic practice of French artist Jimmy Beauquesne. Beauquesne refers to magical realism, kitsch, and baroque, creating phantasmagoric forms and motifs. As the artist himself says, his artistic practice develops between real space and what is happening on gadgets’ screens, while the figures become some kind of membrane between these two realities.

Martina Grlić (born in 1982) is a Croatian artist working in the genre of figurative painting. She received her MA at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb. Grlić’s works have been exhibited at numerous personal and group exhibitions in Croatia, France, Poland, China, Italy, and Austria. In 2017, Grlić received the Croatian Bank award for Best Young Artist, and in 2012, she won the Erste Grand Prix for Best Painting. In 2014, she was an artist-in-residence at Glo’art in Belgium.

Sun Woo (born in 1994) is a Korean artist who lives and works in Seoul (South Korea). She received her BA in Visual Arts at Columbia University in New York. After graduating, Sun Woo decided to return to South Korea. Her works have been exhibited in South Korea, the USA, United Kingdom, and Russia.

Jimmy Beauquesne (born in 1991) is a French artist living and working in Paris. In 2017, he graduated from ESACM in Clermont-Ferrand, and in 2019, Beauquesne participated in a group exhibition «Do Disturb» at Palais de Tokyo. Moreover, he was an artist-in-residence at Centre d’art contemporain (Malakoff, 2021) and Triangle Arts Association (New York, 2021). Jimmy Beauquesne was nominated for the Prix Dauphine (2019) and Prix Sciences Po (2020).

Half Way Through, 2021, detail
Half Way Through, 2021, detail
Sun Woo, The Alley, 2021
Sun Woo, Safety Alert, 2021
Half Way Through, 2021, detail
Half Way Through, 2021, Installation View
Half Way Through, 2021, detail
Half Way Through, 2021, Installation View
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