The Alienated Body, 2018, detail

Curated by Ilmira Bolotyan.

Elena Artemenko and Elena Yamlikhanova are the artists, who, in their artistic practice, show the body as being alienated, as separated from the subject, and, at the same time, as the central part of the experience of the self, through which man models his image in the world.

The exhibition will present images, that arise before the so-called the mirror stage (Jacques Lacan’s term) – the moment when the infant first sees himself in the mirror and recognize, that this body is his own body, it’s reality. Until this stage, the infant is completely helpless and dependent on the mother. In the exposition, this stage of fusion is transmitted through the painting of Yamlikhanova, who enlarges fragments of bodily secretions (saliva, breast milk) to a size similar to what the baby could see them. Artemenko’s marble works are also presented here, with which a viewer can interact tactilely, as if recalling his first sensations from the formation of controlled coordination. Tactile sculptures by Artemenko introduce the viewer into the state of a child, saying "Cat woof" that is appropriating the attribution of one object to another. Keeping in mind the viewer’s knowledge of the contrasting sensations of touching a hard and soft, Artemenko gives the marble an unaccustomed attribution – the artist makes the viewer believe, that the stone can be soft and supple, bodily and sensual.

In Artemenko’s video performance "Jerk" the body becomes collective. Performance participants are attempting to overcome gravity and emerge upwards through internal efforts. They pull themselves out by the hair for turning in a moment into a pile of fallen bodies with weak ridges again. This collective body, wherein the subject is deprived of the possibility of individual manifestations will also implemented in a silent "Chorus" by Artemenko, whose silence rhymes with "Lakrimoza" by Yamlikhanova, in which the eternal companion of the requiem, crying, forms a vicious circle. This installation about tongue numbness and voice reduction – powerless bodies can sound only in a gesture.

In modern information society, where human corporeality is often perceived through electronic masks/messages rather than directly, such membranes are photos and frank texts in social networks. We give part of ourselves to the public space, but these membranes are as alienated from us as our reflection in the mirror. In this sense, the exhibition itself is a kind of mirror – a place in which the viewer notices his flesh.

Elena Artemenko (1988/Krasnodar)

Russian video-artist, sculptor. Graduated from The Rodchenko Art School, workshop "New media: video and art of new technologies". A nominee of the Kandinsky Prize (2012-2014), an owner of Grand Prix of the Transmission Video Art Festival (2017), the first prize of the Foresight Filmfestival in German (2016), Grand Prix of the Brewhouse art prize (2017), prize of the Best Russian Video (2016) and jury special mention of the International Video Art Festival Now&After (2014), Sharjah Art Foundation’s Grand owner, UAE (2014), Kooshk Artist Residency Award, Iran (2015), A-i-R Barents residency program, Norway (2015). Elena has participated in WRO Biennale (2017), Alternative Film/Video Festival, Serbia (2016), Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg (2015), European Media Art Festival (2017 и 2014), Oslo Screen Festival (2014) and other exhibitions and festivals in Russia, German, Poland, Norway, Sweden, England, Serbia, Austria, France and Cuba. Lives and works in Moscow.

Elena Yamlikhanova (1987/ Novokuznetsk)

Russian artist. Graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute named Surikov (2010-2016). A participant of such exhibitions as "Look in me" (2016, Aidan Studio, Moscow), "Frau wie SIE ist" and "Today" (2017, Grebencuk gallery, Basel), "Nude nature" (2016, Central House of Architect, Moscow), "I want" (2016, Aidan Studio, Moscow), "Online/offline" (2015, Aidan Studio, Moscow), etc.

Ilmira Bolotyan (1980/Chuvashia)

Artist, curator, Candidate of Philological Sciences. Graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University (2008), "BAZA" Institute for Contemporary Art (2013), "Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art" (2015). A staff member of the Archive Department Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. A member of the curatorial team of the First Triennial Of Russian Contemporary Art at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (2017). Ilmira has participated in exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Among curatorial projects are "Body" (2015, Centre "Red", Moscow), "Ordinary martyrs" (2015, Centre "Red", Moscow), "A – Art. F – Feminism. Actual dictionary" (2015, different spaces, Moscow), "Psycho" и Stem of the Black Grass (2016, 2017, CCI "Fabrika") and others.

Elena Artemenko, Weak Spine, 2018
Elena Yamlikhanova, Pretend Skin, 2018
The Alienated Body, 2018, detail
Elena Yamlikhanova, Lacrimosa, 2018
The Alienated Body, 2018, detail
Elena Artemenko, From the Series Tactile Sculptures, 2018
Elena Artemenko, From the Series Tactile Sculptures, 2018
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