The City in Personal Time, 2016, Installation View

The City in Personal Time is devoted to urban development and the city environment. The artists participating in the exhibition address the basic parameters of modernity such as human life in a megalopolis and people’s search for their place within the complicated and even turbulent political and social world order. All the artists take a keen interest in the current transformation of the urban environment and the consequences that these changes have for individuals and society as a whole. Thanks to their keen sensitivity to what is taking place in the world around them, artists are able to personalize time and the city in their work and propose different scenarios of experiencing and interpreting them. By creating artworks and bringing them to exhibition spaces, contemporary artists declare war on oblivion that threatens every object during its endless journey through thousands of spaces and situations arising in everyday life. The threat of oblivion is not new: in one way or another, every generation of artists has experienced anxieties about the possibility of imperceptibly dissolving in world history. Nevertheless, the problem of disappearing from the space of general attention and thus from the history of events is becoming particularly acute today in the age of the overproduction of images and information (especially in megalopolises). The present exhibition searches for original ways of escaping from this situation as well as presenting artists’ real and imaginary stories of everyday city life.

Participating artists: Kirill Basalaev, Ilmira Bolotyan, Zina Isupova, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Dmitry Lookianov, and Andrey Syaylev.

The City in Personal Time, 2016, detail
Zina Isupova, Untitled, 2016
The City in Personal Time, 2016, detail
Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, 2016
Andrey Syaylev, Composition, 2016
The City in Personal Time, 2016, detail
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