Dagnini participates in the Main Project of VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art at the Museum of Moscow

She will present her artwork called Summit. Summit is a meeting of performative characters invented by Dagnini: a four-legged stripper without a head, a comical gopnik with gargoyle wings made of rubber gloves, a Venetian lion made from fake Versace fabric, a ridiculous rainbow growing from baby pots. These characters exist between the digital and the real world, sometimes funny, sometimes frightening, they demonstrate problematic moments of society, and violate the usual scenarios of everyday life. The artwork  is a part of the curatorial project I Don’t Know if the Earth is Spinning or Not … by Lizaveta Matveeva (Russia) and Francesca Altamura (USA). 

The project takes place in an online format. The notspinning.world platform was specially developed for it. The presented works reveal actual fears and anxieties in an absurdist form using black humor, satire and irony. An important component of the digital platform is also the text component, which includes specially texts, essays and poetry written by artists.

October 29, 2020