Giulia Crețulescu b. 1994

Giulia Crețulescu (b. 1994, Craiova) graduated from the National University of Art Bucharest. While studying graphics, she became interested in the representational phenomenon as a dynamic between consciousness and action and in how the two-dimensional image communicates in a system of three-dimensional objects, forming referential circuits on the human body. Her interdisciplinary approach is embodied in hybrid objects that aim at the deconstruction of the object until the dissolution of its identity in a foreign body, deprived of any immediate function, thus becoming purely disruptive entities that force their placement under a new identity. The interest for the liminal, trans-categorical character of an object is powered by the desire to place the artistic object under an uncertain status that approaches and forces the viewer to come up with a series of possible ontologies into which they develop. Her works have been exhibited in institutions, art spaces and art galleries such as The National Museum of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Recent Art, Cazul 101, Atelier 35, Ivan Gallery, Goodbuy Gallery, CAV Gallery in Bucharest; Matca artspace, Zina Gallery, and Aici Acolo Pop Up Gallery in Cluj-Napoca. Her works are part of the permanent collection of The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest.