Young-jun Tak tries to investigate some of the socio-cultural and psychological mechanisms that are part of shaping certain belief systems in his practice. In the constant bombardment of virtual disinformation, the physicality and materiality of objects gain new meanings. Haptic visuality and manual fabrication are crucial in his work. This type of visuality can generate a different sense of engagement with its certain margin of failure, its slowness, and anti-perfection opposed to mass-produced items, which stands against values that he escaped from in South Korea: competitiveness, tireless renewal, praised rapidity, and consumeristic fascination of the flawless. The artist hopes to provide viewers with some glimpses of the gaps that exist beyond the binary-and in that sense there should definitely be room left for some degree of uncertainty rather than claiming 100% clarification. In order to achieve this, the work often needs to allow itself to be partly self-contradictory. The visual and contextual coexistence of contrasts within each of my works unfolds the intertwined complexity of lives. The "unblockable" physical presence of self-contradictory beings and the engagement with them prevents us from completely erasing or ignoring the other for one, and helps us to understand "things" better.