Young-jun Tak’s video “Wish You a Lovely Sunday” at High Line Channel, New York

We're thrilled to invite you to watch the video "Wish You a Lovely Sunday" (2021) by South Korea-born, Berlin-based artist Young-jun Tak.

High Line Channel (on 14th St.)

From today, November 3rd, 6 PM

Until January 4, 2024


This video is part of the exhibition "Dancing About Architecture," curated by Melanie Kress, and it also features two other video works by Gerard & Kelly and Clarissa Tossin.


“Wish You a Lovely Sunday” was first premiered at Fragment Gallery in August 2021. Since then, it has extensively traveled all over the world, including being featured in the main project of the 16th Lyon Biennale, and the artist’s solo projects at Overgaden (Copenhagen), Wanås Konst (Sweden), and the Julia Stoschek Foundation (Berlin and Dusseldorf).


The video boldly combines and juxtaposes two distinctive spatial settings—a church and a queer club. For this filmic work, two choreographers and two dancers were paired up to create a new choreography, for the church “Kirche am Südstern” and the queer club “SchwuZ” in Berlin respectively. Each pair was assigned to a different Bach piano piece for four hands. After days of rehearsals and when the choreography was complete, their designated venues were then swapped. 

Although churches and queer clubs seem to function for starkly different purposes, both spaces share intriguing similarities as they both require specific rituals, behavioral norms, and attitudes closely linked to the space and its role. Both venues could be said to be fundamentally community-oriented spaces, which seek to offer comfort and welfare for either the visitor’s mind or body. In the film, the continuous change of scenes between the two kind of spaces with the dancer’s bodily presence, their movements, and dialogues, aims at achieving a sort of almost impossible mergence or coexistence of religious practice on one side and club culture on the other side.


November 5, 2023