Stine Deja received her MA from Royal College of Art in 2015 and her BA in interaction design from Kolding School of Design in 2012.

"Deja’s practice explores the sticky in-between of real and virtual worlds with a striking arsenal of media that includes 3D animation, immersive installation, moving image, and digital surrogates. In Deja’s simulated spaces, uncanny avatars hinge between what’s strange and familiar, seducing us with not quite-real products informed equally by the artist’s simultaneous fascination and revulsion with our hyper-commercialized contemporary culture.
Concealed beneath a sleek surface, multiple layers of social critique meld with absurdist aesthetics and tragicomic narratives to create a cybernetic landscape of fantasy and desire. At the heart of all of Deja’s projects is a keen interest in how these heightened emotional states, often coaxed out by late-capitalist narratives of self-care and guilt-free indulgence, are displaced onto the body".

- Alice Bucknell

Dawn Chorus Beta, 2021, Installation View
Stine Deja, Dawn Chorus, Vestjyllands Kunstpavillion, Videbæk, Denmark, 2021
Stine-Deja, Burnt, 2021. Developed during residency at NEW NOW
Stine Deja, Cold Sleep, Tranen, 2021
Stine Deja, Cold Sleep, Tranen, 2021
Stine Deja, Billboard for EXPO Chicago Override, 2019
Stine Deja, Last Resort, Annka Kultys Installation view, 2020
Stine Deja, Marie Munk, Synthetic Seduction, Annka Kultys Gallery, 2018




MA Royal College of Art

BA Kolding School of Design

School of Fine Art & Design, Arhus



Poly Udstillingsplatform (Forthcoming), Vordingborg, DK

Annka Kultys Gallery (Forthcoming), London, UK
Last Resort, kim? Contemporary Art Centre, LV

Cold Sleep. Tranen, Gentofte, DK
Vestjyllands Kunstpavilion, Videbaek, DK
Dawn Chorus: Beta, Fragment Gallery, New York, US
Screening, HMKV Video of the month at HMKV, Dortmund, DE
Duo show w. Marie Munk, Politikens Hus, Copenhagen, DK**

Last Resort, Annka Kultys Gallery, London, UK
Synthetic Seduction, Duo show, Unttld Contemporary, Vienna, AT**

HYPERSEA: Permanent installation commissioned by The Danish Art Foundation

Hard core, soft bodies, Solo show at Schimmel Projects, Dresden (DE)
Synthetic Seduction, Duo show KH7 Artspace, Aarhus (DK)**
4K ZEN, Solo show at Unit110, New York (US)
Synthetic Seduction, Duo show SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen (DK)**
Synthetic Seduction, Duo show Annka Kultys Gallery, London (UK)**

There's life outside, Solo show Annka Kultys Gallery, London (UK)
Cyphoria, Solo show at Annka Kultys Gallery, London (UK)

(Two person show marked with **)



Prepper's Paradise (Forthcoming), Maastricht, NL
FutureEverything (Forthcoming), Athens
There Must Be Some Kind Of Way Outta Here, Galerie Crone, Berlin, Germany

Real Feeling', MU, Eindhoven, NL
Esjberg Kunstmuseum, Esbjerg, DK
Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishoj, DK
NFTism: No Fear in Trying, Unit Gallery, London, UK
It enters what we become, Gallery 3 By You, (NOW)
Hybrid by Nature, Goethe-Instituts in East Asia x HEK Basel, Online 
Gravmonumenter, Art Sonje Center, Seoul, South Korea
Future Proof,, Brittany, FR (Oct)
To Be Human, Zone Mista, London, UK
Synthetic Seduction, Platform Bunker, Copenhagen, DK
AI PORTRAITURE: US AND THEM, Annka Kultys Gallery, London, UK
La nudité de l’âme, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, DK
Gravmonumenter, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, DK
Networked Visions, isthisit?, Online

The Artist is Online, König Galerie, Berlin, DE
Body Hacking, Lichte Momente, Osnabrück, DE
Turing's Lover, Jinan Art Museum, Jinan, CN
LYS.MUR, Svendborg, DK
Soft Bodies, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK
Real Feelings, HEK, Basel
Ars Electronica, W. König Galerie, WWW
HYPERTENSION, Pylon Hub Lab, Dresden, DE
AI: Love and Artificial Intelligence, Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing, Beijing, CN
Come Closer, Office Impart, WWW
White and Viscous Gold, Outsight, South Korea
NO BODY, Galerie Manqué, New York, US
Schimmel Art Projects, Brixen, Tyrol, IT
Hypersurface, Austrian Cultural Forum, London, UK
Art Lovers Movie Club, Art Review
Extemporary: Art Out of Time, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, RUS
Screening, Mock Jungle, Metoché, Bologna, IT
Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy, Somerset House, London, UK

Link in Bio, Mdbk, Leipzig, DE
Extemporary: Art Out of Time, National Centre for Contemporary Art, Nizhny Novgorod, RUS
Biotechnosphere, Tranen, Gentofte, DK
EXPO Chicago with Annka Kultys Gallery
Super Host, Like A Little Disaster, Polignano a Mare
Beyond The Skin, Museum Villla Rot, Burgrieden, DE
Copernicus, E.M.Bannister Gallery, Rhode Island (US)
We Sing the Body Electric, Gallery 46, London, (UK)
HERE + NOW, Pablo's Birthday, New York (US)
PLOP residency show, London (UK)
Life & Beyond, Lewisham Arthouse, London, (UK)
Future Human, Space Studios, London (UK)
Screening, 4K ZEN, Vitrine Gallery x Kino Digital, London (UK)
A closed mouth gathers no feet, DASH Gallery, (BE)
A glass is not a reference for an amount, In de ruimte, Ghent, (BE)

Flow My Tears, Hard core, soft body on Daata Editions (Online)
Spread the virus, Dateagleart, World Wide Web
I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that, Arebyte Gallery, London
Lend me a hand, Elmer Projects, London

Time Horizons, Secret Project Robot, New York
And if I left off dreaming about you?, Like a little disaster, Polignano a Mare
You and I are like that red wall. It’s a good idea in theory, but somehow it doesn’t quite work, online exhibition,

Synthetic Resonances, Assembly Point, London
Festival of Endless Gratitude, Copenhagen
Age Does Not Matter, Bargehouse, London

KE-15, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen
CPH:DOX, Concrete Lab, Copenhagen
Green, 71A Gallery, London
Cyber Cafe, Royal College of Art, London
Physical Connections 2, Artbar, London
Offprint, Tate, London
Hyperstore 2.0, Holdrons Archade Peckham, London
D-RAW, Hockney Gallery, London
Physical Connections, Artbar, London
Hyperstore, WHAT’S NEXT Camden, London
The Perfect Human, Royal College of Art, London

What’s your story woman, Dansk Kvindesamfund, Copenhagen

Enter The Common, Senior Common Room, London
The Elastic Holster, No Man’s Art Gallery, Shanghai

The Elastic Holster, No Man’s Art Gallery, Copenhagen



Biennale Art for the Future, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia

Enter Art Fair Public Programme, Copenhagen, DK

2019, Wrong Biennale Pavilion, Online

Code Art Fair w. Annka Kultys Gallery, Copenhagen
Digital Pleasures, Mira Festival, Barcelona, (ES)
The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale, Cidade das Artes, Rio de Janeiro

Code Art Fair w. Annka Kultys Gallery, Copenhagen
4K ZEN, Club Raw at Roskilde Festival
Bodies of water, National Gallery of Denmark x Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen

Spot Film Festival, Aarhus

Kay Lise, SKIN/CELLS Fringe Film Festival, London



Working grant, Den Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Stiftelse
3 year working grant, The Danish Arts Foundation

PLOP residency, London
Working grant, The Danish Art Foundation
SPACE Art & Tech residency 'Future Human', London
Nominated for Remmen Fondens Kunstpris (Finalist as duo together with Marie Munk)

Grant for Hard Core, Soft Bodies at Schimmel Projects, Danish Arts Foundation
Synthetic Seduction at KH7 Artspace awarded by Statens Kunstfond
Working grant, Danish Art Foundation
Grant for Synthetic Seduction at Annka Kultys Gallery with Marie Munk, Danish Arts Foundation

Working grant, Danish Art Foundation

Chris Garnham Prize

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