Tim Brawner, hailing from the Midwest and educated at Yale, produces a practice of painting which mines the space between terror and horror, between the uncanny and the grotesque, between satire and sardonic sincerity. Borrowing from a bricolage of cultural iconography, Brawner’s works utilize the idiom of illustration and logic of cartooned cinematics culled through a process of “trolling of the trash stratum of culture” as Brawner states, in order to reveal to the viewer an idiomatic menagerie of quasi-mythological nightmare forms, replete with mirthful laughter as much as the macabre. Here big bad wolves and skulls replete with exaggerated glossy eyes meet zombie forms and troglodyte anti-heroes in a fractured, hypnogogic, hallucinatory landscape, whose ultimate message is profoundly post-humanist. Referencing the work of Francisco Goya’ the artist affirms, “It is not simply that the Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, but that reason doesn’t realize its sleeping and so is still producing monsters”.

Tim Brawner (b. 1991, Omaha, Nebraska) Received and MFA from Yale School of Art, 2020. Exhibtions include Zang Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; PAGE (NYC), New York; Yale University Gallery, New Haven, CT; Ashes On Ashes, New York; Yale Painting & Printmaking MFA, Galerie Perrotin; Papa Projects, Minneapolis, MN; Union Pacific, London; Unit London, London; Primary, Miami, FL. Brawner will have his first solo exhibition with Fragment in Fall 2022.

Tim Brawner, Selfish, Little, 2022
Tim Brawner, Excerpts from Mercury (blue), 2022
Tim Brawner, Excerpts from Mercury (yellow), 2022
Tim Brawner, Excerpts from Mercury (green), 2022
Tim Brawner, Selfish, Little, 2022
Tim Brawner, Rumo, 2022
Tim Brawner, Grauso, 2022
Tim Brawner, Nyctalops, 2022
Tim Brawner, Walaruna, 2022
Tim Brawner, Mercury I, 2020
Tim Brawner, Mercury II, 2020
Tim Brawner, Mercury III, 2020


2020 Yale School of Art, MFA
2014 Nebraska Wesleyan University, BFA


Fragment, New York, NY (forthcoming)

Sometime Come the Mother, Sometime the Wolf, Union Pacific, London

PAGE NYC, NADA Projects, New York, NY

Untitled, PAGE (NYC), New York, NY

Lee, Elder Gallery, Lincoln, NE


OMGWTF, Primary Projects, Miami, Fl
No Fear In Trying, Unit London, London
Companions, Union Pacific, London
Urgent, Papa Projects, Minneapolis, MN

Philip Seibel, Aks Misyuta, Tim Brawner, Et AL: Brook Hsu & WSCHOD: Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw, Union Pacific, London
Yale Painting & Printmaking MFA, Galerie Perrotin, New York, NY
C.H.A.D., Ashes On Ashes, New York, NY
Only When You’re Called, Yale University Gallery, New Haven, CT

Three Rooms, GalleryELL, New York, NY
Summer Exhibition, PAGE (NYC), New York, NY

Triple Monster, August Zang Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2020/21 Viewing Program, The Drawing Center
2019 Dumfries House, Royal Drawing School
2013 Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art

The Best Booths at New York Art Week 2022
May 6, 2022
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